Medfusion Plus lets you take control of your family’s healthcare information.

We Think You’ll Say ‘Wow!’…

…when you see how little time it takes to set up your family’s profiles and see their data in the app. It’s the medical records app you have been looking for! Medfusion Plus’s intuitive, step-by-step set-up process was designed to make it incredibly fast and easy to go from “I’ll try it” to “all my family’s healthcare is in the palm of my hand!” But if you do have questions along the way, here are the answers to a few we’ve heard from users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to download Medfusion Plus?

Because Medfusion Plus is a great way for you to keep track of what’s going on with your healthcare! Even if you only have one doctor, it’s very handy to be able to keep all your prescribed medications, lab results, vital statistics, appointments, notes, and anything else you might want to reference, neatly organized in your phone –always kept up-to-date.

And if you have more than one doctor, or loved ones whose health you want to monitor, it’s a must-have app. All that, and it’s free!

Can I use Medfusion Plus to communicate with my practice?

Medfusion Plus isn’t a communication app (yet) — your patient portal is the best, most secure way to communicate with your doctor. However, if you or your family have several different doctors, you probably have many different patient portal accounts and can’t get a “big picture” view of all your healthcare data in one single place. That’s where Medfusion Plus comes in. It gathers all the healthcare data from all those portals into one organized place so you can get a clear, always up-to-date picture of all your information.

What information can I see in the Medfusion Plus app?

The health information you see in Medfusion Plus can vary from doctor to doctor, and practice to practice, depending on how much information they choose to share, but typically you will see lab and test results, medications, allergies, immunizations, conditions and visit summaries as well as upcoming and past appointments. Basically, the app mirrors the data you would find in your patient portals – just all in one place.

How do I get access to a portal so I can use Medfusion Plus?

If you currently do not have an active portal account with your doctor’s practice, contact them and request a patient portal invitation. Once you have created your patient portal account, you will be able to access that portal within your Medfusion Plus account.

My doctor’s practice does not have a portal. Can I still use Medfusion Plus?

Absolutely. The best experience comes from connecting to your providers with their patient portals since Medfusion Plus pulls in your appointments and health data from those portal accounts, but even without a portal account, you can store pictures of your insurance card(s), medication bottles, and add notes.

I can’t find my doctor in the app’s directory – what do I do?
Can I print or share the data?

Yes you can! Once you’ve navigated to your health records, just click the 3 dots in the upper right corner and you’ll see two options: “Print” or “Share”.
“Print” lets you print all or part of your health information. “Share” lets you email all or part of your health record to your provider or family member over regular email, or using the secure medical industry Direct Network. (You’ll need to get your provider’s Direct address to send your records this way.) If you’re sending records over regular email, the recipient will have to verify their email address before they can download your information – a little security measure to ensure your information gets to the intended person.

Will you start charging me for Medfusion Plus?

Medfusion Plus is completely free!

How secure is Medfusion Plus? Is it HIPAA-compliant?

We take protecting your personal health data very seriously. We follow strict security regulations and use advanced encryption to store and transfer your private information both while it’s being transferred and while it’s stored in your device. We make sure that no one can access protected health information without correct authorization. Medfusion is HIPAA-compliant, but is also PCI Level-1 compliant, which has even stricter requirements than HIPAA.

Where is the data stored?

Your data is de-identified and stored securely within our servers with AES-256 encryption to ensure your data is safe. That’s the same kind of security mechanism that banks use.

Who controls what data you can see?

The data available to you is controlled by your doctor’s office, but you will typically be able to see your upcoming and past appointments, lab and test results, medications, allergies, immunizations, conditions and visit summaries.